Main Characters

  • Anna Karenina "Anna" Caluya Serrano - portrayed by Krystal Reyes. Anna is the simple and kind market girl from a poor family. Despite being raised from her foster family, she even cares of her adopted mother and adopted sister. When her mother is sick, Anna was instructed by her adopted sister, Becky to go to the Monteclaro's to help their mother's operation. She tries to be loyal to everyone around her and dislikes fighting. As she stays in the Monteclaro residence, Anna developed a friendship with Karen and Nina.
  • Anna Karenina "Karen" Villarama Zamora - portrayed by Barbie Forteza. Karen is a carefree and strong-willed girl who was raised by a former club stripper. By the time she stayed in the Monteclaro's residence, she felt a family that will love her and the change to her life that she desires. As she stays in the Monteclaro residence, Karen developed a friendship with Anna and Nina.
  • Anna Karenina "Nina" Fuentebella - portrayed by Joyce Ching. Nina is the neglected daughter of an irresponsible family. She had live a bitter life her parents mostly ignored her. After discovering that she was adopted, she begins searching for her biological mother, who had sent her away. As she stays in the Monteclaro residence, Nina developed a friendship with Anna and Karen.

Supporting Characters

  • Aldrin Monteclaro Barretto - portrayed by Derrick Monasterio. The son of Ruth and Abel. Unlike his mother and sister, he is very kind-hearted and shows concern for Anna, Karen, and Nina. Overtime, he develops strong feelings for Karen. He inherits his father's kind heartedness.
  • Brix Manahan - portrayed by Julian Trono. Is the son of Daisy and the godson of Abel and Ruth. He has feelings for Anna but since Carla also has a crush on him she tries to get into Carla and Brix' friendship/relationship.
  • Brian - portrayed by Hiro Peralta. The protective friend to Nina. He is the school's young janitor who always defends Nina.
  • Doña Carmela Monteclaro - portrayed by Sandy Andolong. The caring surrogate mother to Maggie.
  • Don Xernan Monteclaro - portrayed by Juan Rodrigo. The patriarch of the Monteclaro family.
  • Kadyo - portrayed by Yul Servo. The boyfriend of Suzie but he doesn't have true feelings for her, he just uses her to get what he wants. Kadyo also abuses Karen and orders her around like a maid.
  • Ruth Monteclaro-Barretto - portrayed by Valerie Concepcion. She is the niece of Xernan Monteclaro and Maggie's cousin. Being cruel and jealous, Ruth began to take away Maggie's wealth that should belong to herself. She will do whatever it takes to prevent the Monteclaro's to find the real Anna Karenina Monteclaro.
  • Abel Barretto - portrayed by Neil Ryan Sese. Ruth's kindhearted husband that fell love with Maggie but it was just a crush. He is starting to fell in love with Daisy because Ruth doesn't actually love him.

Recurring Characters

  • Margarita "Maggie" Monteclaro - portrayed by Yasmien Kurdi. The adopted daughter of Xernan and Carmela Monteclaro.
  • Daisy Manahan - portrayed by Ana Roces. The supportive friend of Carmela and the mother of Brix.
  • Nayda Serrano - portrayed by Maybelyn Dela Cruz. She is the kind and loving adopted mother of Anna.
  • Suzie Zamora - portrayed by Maureen Larrazabal. The optimistic and sociable adopted mother of Karen. Suzie once work as a former stripper at the club.
  • Bridgette Fuentebella - portrayed by Alicia Mayer. The irresponsible mother of Nina but after finding out that her husband tried to rape Nina she started to become a kind-hearted mother.
  • Carla Monteclaro Barretto - portrayed by Jhoana Marie Tan. She is the arrogant and jealous daughter of Abel and Ruth. Influenced by her mother, she is an antagonizing rival to Anna, Karen and Nina, whom she was jealous to them but her true rival is Anna because to her Anna is her rival to Brix's attention (because Carla has a crush on Brix like Anna). She inherited her mother's "ruthlessness".
  • Becky Serrano - portrayed by Kathleen Hermosa. Anna's mean adopted sister and the daughter of Nadya. She wants her mother's attention from Anna to the point that she wants to erase Anna from their lives.
  • Lucas Fuentebella - portrayed by Allan Paule. Nina's abusive father that tried to rape her, this caused Nina to have a trauma to adult men.

Other Characters

  • Dino Guevarra as Andres De Guzman
  • Thea Tolentino as Maria Angela "Angel" De Guzman
  • Rhen Escano as Geleen
  • Nicole Dulalia as Candice