Major characters

  • Perlita Mendoza – portrayed by Sunshine Dizon. She is Marilyn Mendoza's loving and protective mother. Perlita is a simple woman who, although deprived of a beauty appearance, has a kind heart and an adorable character. For her, "it is what on the inside that counts!" She works as a household helper at the Carbonel mansion, wherein she crosses paths with Giselle—the wife of her boss, Ziggy Carbonel—oblivious that the former is her own best friend Rodora Santos in disguise. As a mother, Perlita is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her beloved daughter. But what she does not know is that her daughter is actually not hers.
  • Rodora Santos / Giselle Atienza-Carbonel – portrayed by Angelika dela Cruz. She is Ziggy Carbonel's wife and mother to Darlene. With a beautiful face, an impeccable figure, plus a handsome and wealthy husband, Giselle holds the world in her hands. But behind her beautiful appearance and perfect life is a secret past. In reality, she is Rodora Santos, a dark-skinned and ugly woman who underwent plastic surgery. Worse, to make her deception more realistic, she switches her ugly baby with Perlita's beautiful child. Giselle, however, still dreads the moment when she will have to tell Ziggy the truth. Fears of abandonment push her, however, to keep the secret hidden.
  • Marilyn Mendoza – portrayed by Louise delos Reyes. She is the rightful heiress of the Carbonels but was switched with Darlene and grew up in poverty. Marilyn is a caring and obedient daughter who strives to better herself for the sake of her mother, Perlita Mendoza. She is intelligent, brave and kind-hearted, but despite all of these good qualities, Marilyn will experience being bullied and humiliated by others because of her unattractive appearances. During these hard times, Marilyn finds comfort in the company of Darlene Carbonel, the daughter of the family that her mother Perlita works for. But their friendship will be put to test as one guy comes between them – Jerome Alvarez.
  • Jerome Alvarez – portrayed by Alden Richards. Good-looking, street-smart, romantic with the soul of a dreamer, Jerome finished Culinary Arts and now working as a sous-chef in the resort owned by the Carbonels. Jerome has an unrequited crush on the bratty Darlene Carbonel, and has been long-time friends with both her and Marilyn Mendoza [a girl who despite possessing an ugly appearance lies a heart of gold]. He eventually embroiled in a complicated love triangle between the two girls.
  • Darlene Carbonel – portrayed by Lauren Young. She is Perlita Mendoza's biological daughter but was switched with Marilyn. Safe in the make-believe that Ziggy and Giselle Carbonel are indeed her real family, Darlene grew up in affluence and is used to getting whatever she wants, except for one thing — the love of her mother, Giselle Carbonel. She finds comfort in Marilyn Mendoza's company, the daughter of their household helper, Perlita. Despite the apparent differences in their social status, the two became best of friends. However, their relationship starts to falter when they fell in love with the same man – Jerome Alvarez.
  • Zenaida "Aida" Carbonel – portrayed by Jolina Magdangal. She is the niece of Charito Carbonel's late husband, Ziggy's cousin and the surrogate mother of Jerome Alvarez. Aida finished her degree in Business Management but ended up working for the Carbonels as a constant aid to Charito's every whim and demand. Aida believes that she also has the rights for the Carbonel's vast properties and is determined to reclaim what is rightfully hers. She holds the key to the secret behind the real identities of Darlene Carbonel and Marilyn Mendoza and uses it to blackmail Giselle Carbonel to get what she wants, as well as to exact revenge on Doña Charito and Ziggy.
  • Ziggy Carbonel – portrayed by Gabby Eigenmann. He is Doña Charito Carbonel's only son, Giselle's husband and father to Darlene. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Ziggy is used to being given everything he wants. He works as the general manager of "Carbonel Barongs"–their family business, and later as a resort owner. Happy-go-lucky and vain, Ziggy believes that life is all about pleasure. He is also known for being a womanizer and loves being surrounded by beautiful and sexy women. A vicious man, he can stand up to anyone and he never hesitates to speak his mind on things. But behind his seemingly "perfect world" hid a deep, dark secret that his wife, Giselle has been hiding for him for a long time.
  • Doña Charito Vda. de Carbonel – portrayed by Jaclyn Jose. She is the matriarch of the prominent Carbonel clan. A former beauty queen and model, Charito now owns and runs "Carbonel Barongs", a well-known Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana shop. Arrogant and highly judgemental, Charito believes in the importance of beauty and hates ugly people [making Perlita and Marilyn the objects of her scorn]. A perfectionist and ambitious woman, she will do anything and everything just to accomplish her goals. Unaware of her granddaughter's true identity, Charito treats Darlene like a real princess—she spoils her to no end and sees to it that she has everything.

Recurring characters

  • Romeo "Romy" Alvarez – portrayed by Kier Legaspi, the irresponsible father of Jerome Alvarez and Aida Carbonel's hot-tempered live in partner. Romy is a lazy leech who wants to get rich but refuses work and loves to gamble.
  • Mama Josie – portrayed by Frances Ignacio. She is Perlita Mendoza's comic best friend and confidante, and Marilyn's godmother. Loud, bubbly and unconventional, Josie owns and runs a beauty parlor. She proves herself a true friend as she constantly stands by Perlita's side through all the latter's ordeals.
  • Nonoy - portrayed by Sef Cadayona. He is the friend of Jerome who also works in the resort owned by the Carbonels. He knows about the special relationship between Jerome Alvarez and Darlene Carbonel and soon notices Marilyn Mendoza's feelings for his friend. He has a biting and sarcastic wit, serving as somewhat of a comic relief throughout the series. In the 26th episode, he asks Marilyn for a dinner date, only to reveal later that he only did that because of a deal he made with Jerome.
  • Alison - portrayed by Rita De Guzman. She is the mean-spirited buddy of Darlene Carbonel. She is quite against Jerome Alvarez for her friend. She is opinionated and often can't help but express her strongly held beliefs.
  • Harry - portrayed by Marc Acueza. He is Marilyn's new-found friend, working as a television news reporter. Harry pretends to be Marilyn's boyfriend (to make Jerome jealous) for quite some time on the series, until he realized he already fall in love for her -- for real

Other notable characters

Below is the list of notable characters (being those who have been in the series for some considerable time and have had a significant impact on the story) appeared in the series:
  • Doña Carmen Atienza – portrayed by Lui Mananzala. She was Rodora Santos/Giselle Carbonel's former employer—a hot-tempered and abusive spinster who willed her vast fortune to her. The character appeared only on the pilot episode.
  • Ruben Santos - portrayed by Bing Davao. He is Rodora/Giselle's father who despises her because of her ugly appearance. He is characterized as being drunkard and womanizer. Ruben eventually regrets his actions and repents. The character appeared only in three episodes.
  • Krizzy Ferreira – portrayed by Jenny Miller. She is a socialite and cunning woman, considered as a family friend of the Carbonels. She is also Ziggy's ex-girlfriend and business partner—they established a resort. However, her closeness to Ziggy also makes her the object of jealousy of Giselle.
  • Dr. Ron Reyes - portrayed by Leandro Baldemor, an in-demand plastic surgeon and the one who created Rodora/Giselle's beautiful face. Dr. Reyes blackmails Giselle and threatens to expose her secret in order to get the what he wants—particularly the business deal with the Carbonels.
  • Ryan Ferreira - portrayed by Vivo Ouano. He is the arrogant son of Krizzy Ferreira and the avid suitor of Darlene Carbonel. He is a car enthusiast and loves to talk everything about cars and racing, which for Darlene is "one boring topic".